Quantity Surveying

At MTH we have capacity and experience in Quantity Surveying services across all the major sectors of construction industry i.e. Commercial, Residential, Leisure, Health care, Stadiums, Metro- rail, Port and Infra-structure projects etc.

We provide our QS service for all the project stages whether it is for Cost Plan, Tender, Construction or Post- Contract stage such as Tender measurement or Re-measure, Re-measurement of as-built drawings etc.

We offer our "Quantity Surveying Services" tthe construction industryfrom "inception tcommissioning of the project" which includes various stages i.e. design, tendering, construction and closure of the project.

MTH offers tclient the following services but NOT limited to:

  • Quantity take-off and preparation of bill of quantities.
  • Validation of tender Bill of Quantities
  • Preparation of 'Add' or 'Omit' bill.
  • Quantity Surveying through BIM
  • Preparation of quantity variation (IFT vs IFC)
  • As-Built Bill of Quantities for final Account settlement.
  • Short-term secondment at site / Office as required by Client.
  • Assist the client in tender process.
  • Assist the client on preparation of cost plan & pre-tender estimate
  • Packaging at Procurement Stage

MTH provides the quantity surveying service for the below areas:

  • Site Work
  • Concrete Work
  • Masonry
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
  • Thermal and Moisture Protection
  • Doors and Windows
  • Finishes
  • Accessories
  • Specialties
  • Equipment
  • Furnishings
  • Special Construction
  • Conveying Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering Installations
  • Electrical Engineering Installations
  • External Works and other misc.

MTH offers Quantity Services for the below mode of measurement but NOT limited to:

  • POMI (Principle Of Measurement for International)
  • SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement)
  • CESMM3 (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement)
  • NRM 1 & 2 (New Rules of Measurement)
  • QSMM (Qatar Standard Method of Measurement)
  • Australian SMM (Australian Standard Method of measurement)of building works 5th Edition
  • IS-1200 (Indian Standard of Measurement)

Cost Consultancy Services

"We have seen Preconstruction efforts have a significant impact on the overall project, and save the owner significant time and money. Since we determine the cost and schedule of the project upfront, we can reduce the number of changes, unexpected costs, and variations of schedule during the project, we can identify early where possible problems will occur, and we can better identify cost savings opportunities. In addition, we alsassume the cost risk once the project is funded."

  • Establish a detailed Cost Plan for each element of building.
  • Due Diligence work
  • G/ NG– (Project feasibility)
  • Value engineering options and building material analysis
  • Cost savings options and constructability reviews
  • Preparation & submission of BOQs at various stages & specifications including back-up documents & quantity take-off sheets.
  • Monitor the Cost at each Design Stage of the project.
  • Assist the client on Finalization of specification
  • Verify whether the development programme is realistic, comprehensive and achievable.
  • Advice the appropriate procurement route and the adequacy of the project delivery method.
  • Contract documentations
  • Pre-Qualification and Tender Process
  • Vendor negotiation and award of contract
  • Audit and verify the expenditure incurred tdate against each budget item and the cost tcomplete after considering all work already completed. At each valuation stage, comment whether the remaining costs tcomplete the development can be met from remaining availability with in the amount provided by client for the project ("The Cost tComplete Schedule").
  • Verification / Approval of BBS
  • Verify quantities for work executed / tbe executed
  • Verification of Contractor claims
  • Preparation of deviation statement / Change Order(if Any)
  • Tproject Anticipated Quantities/Cost of the project
  • Tracking and Monitoring the Project Cost
  • Certification of vendor’s payment
  • Reconciliations
  • Final account settlement
  • Financial & contractual close-out
  • Submit monthly cost report containing the following :
    • Total Cost Incurred till date
    • Anticipated Project Cost
    • Cost Comparison – Scheduled vs Physical vs Budgeted
    • Material reconciliation
    • Cash Flow Reconciliation
    • Project Progress status
    • Profit and loss statement
    • Advice Client on Potential Contractual & Cost Overrun Risks
  • Review & Advise on cost impacts, variations, extra items based on rate analysis.

*Our Cost Consultancy Services are limited tSouth Asia Region.



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